Learning Communities

Western Seminary believes that most of us learn best when we learn in community. That is, we benefit significantly from the wisdom and experiences of others as together we engage instruction designed to transform our lives. Here's what to expect:

General Certificates

When you enroll as an individual for a general certificate, you will join others from around the nation or around the world who are committed to growing in Christ. Each course within the certificate has one or more discussion forums that allow you to interact with other students to share your ministry insights and to gain from those of others in your course.

In addition, each course has an assigned online mentor to assist you with course concepts and to bring their training and experience into the group discussion.

Custom Certificates and Groups

Western partners with churches and ministries to develop custom training opportunities that target the specific leadership development interests of the host organization. These custom certificates are extraordinarily flexible and often include:

  • Selected courses from the full rage of online Western Seminary non-credit leadership resources.

  • Local training events at the host church or ministry.

  • Third-party training opportunities that can be completed online or in person and integrated into the training certificate.

In addition, the host organization typically assigns one or more mentors who will guide certificate participants through the materials and who serves to contextualize learning to the needs and interests of the host ministry.

The study groups then have the choice of working fully online, balancing online instruction with face-to-face study, or delivering certificate content online supplemented with in-person discussion. Your choice!



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