Intercultural Ministry Certificate

The Certificate in Intercultural Ministry is designed for participants who are pursuing or intend to pursue gospel-centered transformational ministry among people of a culture different than their own. This introductory program will acquaint participants with the basic ideas, skills, and attitudes needed for healthy relationships and culturally appropriate gospel ministry among people of a different culture.

Intercultural Ministry Certificate Courses

Certificate Cost: $150.00

Course Title
IM1 Introduction to Intercultural Ministry Mark Hedinger 2.5

Ministry in the 21st century offers challenges like migration, globalization, and the growing field of intercultural study. The seven sessions in this introductory course will look at those issues from the perspective of how Bible, Trinitarian theology, and today’s global world impact Christian ministry. Whether you are serving as a traditional missionary, a professional who has taken an overseas posting, or a church leader whose community is now receiving migrants from other lands, this course will help orient you to ministry in an intercultural context.

IM2 Diversity of Human Cultures Mark Hedinger 2.5

All humans have certain characteristics in common, yet cultures show a wide diversity of ways that those characteristics are expressed. The eleven sessions in this course will NOT look at cultural diversity of outward human needs. That is, we will not look at issues like food, clothing, or family structures. Instead, we will look at diversity of underlying assumptions about how life works. Though there are scores of areas in human life that show these variations, we will look at eleven that many authors have identified as key to successful intercultural life and ministry.

IM3 Intercultural Communication Mark Hedinger 2 Based on the classic book on intercultural communication, Creating Understanding, by Donald K Smith, this course will look at seven key principles of good communication across cultural boundaries. Course participants are encouraged to think of a specific ministry situation as they work through these sessions, so as to apply each principle to a real world problem that is being faced. 
IM4 Tools for Learning Another Culture Mark Hedinger 3 There is no book or internet site that can explain one group of people to another. For that reason, the best preparation for intercultural life and ministry is to become a self-directed learner of the new culture. The seven sessions in this course will introduce attitudes and skills needed to grow in understanding an unfamiliar culture. Learning activities are designed to give practical application that accompanies the recorded video sessions.
IM5 Culture Mapping Mark Hedinger 2.5 This course ties together the other elements of the Certificate program. Using the metaphor of an onion, the seven sessions in the course will help participants use the tools taught throughout the rest of the Certificate program to live and minister within a new culture. The sessions will consider how an intercultural gospel messenger can learn to understand his/her host culture, and learn to act appropriately within the new culture. The course ends by considering the Kingdom of God, recognizing that ministry and discipleship are all about helping people live out the reality of the Kingdom’s values, beliefs, and feelings within their own cultural context.
IM6 Conclusion Mark Hedinger


The two very short sessions in this course seek to conclude the Certificate program. Session one provides ideas on how participants can apply the tools that have been presented in the program. Session two reviews the scope of the Certificate program, showing the panorama of topics and how those topics interrelate.

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